About Me

Professional Dog Breeder

My name is Cota Mercer, Owner of Cota's Alaskan Malamutes. I currently breed Alaskan Malamutes and Doberman Pinschers. I have been breeding animals for over 10 years and reside in Willis, TX. Here at Cota's Alaskan Malamutes we take pride in raising our animals to be fun, loving, well-trained and mannered. All puppies born here are individually raised throughout the first 6 weeks. I will instruct you on proper care, nutritional needs, and future veterinarian visits in order to continue proper health and growth for your puppy. Your decision to add a new puppy to your family will be a blessing. This is a commitment that will in return give lots of love, entertainment, security, adventure, trust, and most of all loyalty. Please remember puppies are like children, they are learning when they do things that make you upset. Teach your puppy with proper reinforcement and not ABUSE!! Your puppy will grow to protect what all is yours; FAMILY, CHILDREN, PROPERTY!! I am pleased you have chosen me to provide you with your new companion. If you are 100% pleased with your pup, Please spread the word to potential buyers that you feel could give one of our babies a new forever home!   

Willis, TX


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